July 09, 2004

So this is it. My Promised Land. Somehow, it doesn't quite fit the bill. Over the past two days, it has been incredibly rainy and overcast with the skies threatening to open up on the poor unfortunate soul caught in the midst of it. There has been a worrying lack of activity in the Halls where I am staying and I was told it was due to the holiday season where everyone packs up and goes home. Except me. Now I know how people living in temperate countries get their inspiration for songs and poems about melancholy and sadness because this is the crux of it all. The wilting trees, the cold unforgiving atmosphere, the chilling wind which sends a shiver down your spine and the pelting rain which complements that chilling wind. Temperatures go to as low as 7-8C at night and combined with the wind chill factor, it surely does require you to don 3 layers of clothing before you are comfortable.

I won't deny it. I'm missing home like hell now. For every time that I said I'd enjoy the weather in Australia, I take it back. I'm missing the warmth I receive from friends and loved ones back home. I'm missing the humid weather which thwaps at your face like a warm towel does. I'm missing all the delicacies of Singapore like the 'char kuey teow', 'oh chien' etc. I had lunch at the canteen here yesterday and discovered some of the noodles weren't well cooked at all. Oh, and in case you guys didn't know, food here is extremely expensive. A plate of rice with vegetables and beancurd plus a soup cost me $5.50. Which is comparatively cheap here. So you can see, life here is not exactly a bed of roses. Not as I thought anyway.

The silence is deafening in the Halls as well. For the past two days I have been here, I have not once met a single soul in my Hall. Which is pretty sad eh? Only until yesterday morning did I manage to speak to a Singaporean guy here who kindly invited me to a barbeque this Saturday evening. Hopefully, it'll be fun and I'll finally get to meet some friends. If not, I'm going to start resorting to talking to myself. Yes, it is THAT bad here. You did not see it wrongly. I am going to have to TALK TO MYSELF if things don't start improving around here.

Right then, I have to go. I'm going to a nearby shopping centre to have a look-see and get what I need. Till later then.

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