July 18, 2004

I've been silent mostly for the past week because nothing much has been happening. Everyday it has been the same, monotonous even. Weather's been getting colder and at times, it gets so cold that it bites you to the bone. I think I'm beginning to get used to life here... The shopping for groceries, the preparation of my own meals, taking care of my own bills etc. It's relieving in a way to be independent and I'm relishing the moment. Perhaps the only thing non-monotonous I did was when I went to the city and stayed overnight at Lin Bin's place because the buses here end service at 8:10pm on weekends. YES. You didn't see it wrong. 8:10PM. Bah. To top it off, the intervals here are 40 minutes and you'd be hard pressed to wait in the cold if you got a bus timing wrong or you left your house 5 minutes late. So as luck would have it, I decided to stay at Lin Bin's due to the cold and relative safety of myself. As I struggled in bed, I realised the house didn't have a heater! If you have no heater over here in winter, you'd be liable to freeze. LITERALLY. When I got up the next morning, my joints were stiff and I felt like I was 80 and suffering from arthiritis. Suddenly, Deakin Hall seems like a paradise where I have my own room, heater and internet connection coupled with peace and quiet.
School's starting tomorrow at long last. After waiting and pining, my school is starting. And no, I'm not crazy for hoping that school starts. It's just that having spent nearly 2 weeks here waiting for school to begin, the anticipation is slowly but surely killing me. So tomorrow I will finally meet my coursemates and begin my ensuing 4 year journey. Tomorrow is Day 1. I'm reeking with excitement and yet, the nerves are killing me. Think I should sleep right now so I'd be fresh for tomorrow. More about it later.

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