July 31, 2004

I'm disappointed. When I return to familiar shores in November, all that will be waiting for me is an unfamiliar home. Mom told me last night that the residents in my condominium have agreed rather unanimously to an en bloc sale. So is this it? 15 years of memories and childhood silliness all lost? It's sad really and to say that this has got me down would be an understatement. Somehow, someway, I'm going to have to call somewhere else my home. I'd have to pick up the broken pieces of my childhood which would all be crushed under the weight of an excavator. What then of Ben, Eugene, Terry? I'm sure we'll all keep in contact no doubt. But whether there'd be ease in us getting together would be another question totally. Many things are changing and it's at this point in my life that I realise life is ever-changing, constantly in motion. I'm going to have to learn to move on from this phase of my life to the another, higher echelon.

But enough of the sad stuff, this week has been better than the last and hopefully it can only get better. I've made many new friends in Hope Of God Church and my new Clayton CCM Cell. I've finally found a soccer team to play with! Suddenly, I don't quite feel so alone as I did 2 weeks ago. Tutorials and lectures have been going on pretty fine although I do feel that the hours spent in school are deceiving. People assume that my course is light because I only spend 13 hours a week in lessons but that's not the case. Although our contact ours are few, we are expected to do alot of reading, self-study and presentations which do take up alot of our time. So there. Those who say my course is light...Up your ass please.

Ok, enough of blogging. Back to biological essentialism and structural functionalism.

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