July 02, 2004

Bill Cosby's comments on African-Americans.

A very good article if you ask me. Challenges the norm and conventional thinking that the Caucasians are persecuting the African-Americans in America. Which reminds me of a certain situation which is inherently similar in Singapore. (If you catch my drift, that is.)

If you are poor and uneducated, ask yourself why. Don't go round blaming the government and the other races in the country for stifling you out. Don't expect to receive privileges just because your forefathers discovered this piece of land before everyone else. Don't even try to pin the blame for your state on poor social conditions. Simply put, you have not worked hard and it is your own mentality that has brought misfortune on yourself. It's dampening really to see that there are existing individuals who blame misfortune solely upon society and never upon themselves. Makes us wonder why the rest of us work to better ourselves if we can just sit by the side, rot and complain.

Take for example the biased policy in Malaysia. If you ask me, that entire thing is a farce. Why give a certain race more privileges and quotas into schools if it's obvious that they will not make it. It only pulls down the general standard of your country and efficiency, doesn't it? What is the rationale behind it? Truly logic-defying stuff. But of course, we have come to expect that of Malaysia haven't we? But on hindsight, perhaps that's the entire reason why Malaysia finds it hard to catch up with Singapore and only until recently where they started revision on their policies do we see a resurgence in Malaysia.

To all those who feel offended by the issue, simply put. Don't read it. To those who want to continue blaming society for your own laziness, go ahead. Just remember that the rest of us are moving along and you are just one frog in the big, fat shithole. Damn, I wish Fandi Ahmad was to come out and say something like Bill Cosby.

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