June 24, 2004

There are times when you get stuck between a rock and a hard place. That's how it is in life. You often end up in situations which you least want yourself to be in. Perhaps 'tis the nature of the universe, where everything that can go wrong will go wrong and mankind will forever find themselves stuck in quicksand aptly named dilemma.

Fate. Does Fate have a hand in the going-ons in our world? Does Fate actually exist? Or does God manipulate Fate and then rename it "Divine Intervention"? When Fate steps in and takes control, it is often hard to deny its existence. When God steps in and takes control, we OFTEN deny His existence. Dates, anniversaries, twists of fate, everything seems to fall in place and yet, the jigsaw has been left untouched for years. What prohibits advancement? What prevents our constant struggle from taking fruit? I would like to know. Seriously. I would damn well like to know. When two pieces of the jigsaw puzzle seem to fit nicely next to each other somehow the wind comes and blows them apart. Oh woe. Woe.

What is woe? Mankind often defines it as suffering that is beyond demonstrable anguish or grief. It is the suffering which silences you and yet cuts your heart in two. It is the pain we experience when we fail at the final hurdle, lose a game or worse....fall out of love. Throughout history, it has been known that many outrageous and deemed impossible acts have been accomplished through the power of love. Love.

Is it really so powerful? It's enough to make a grown man cry. It's power is such that wars and lawsuits are fought over it. So perhaps it is. And yet, we will never experience the true power of it unless we experience it first hand. What a sham. What irony. What cruelty.

I apologize if my writing seems a little abstract. Too many things are running through my mind at this point in time and I am typing as they come.

Traveller fell apart at 3:11 AM

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