June 30, 2004

An open letter to Osama bin Laden :

Dear Mr bin Laden,

I don't expect you to listen nor heed my plea. Neither do I believe that you will be stopped unless through death. And that is why I believe you will not prevail in the end. Simply put, your doctrine of death puts the entire human race at risk of extinction and there will come a day when people will wisen up and realise that you are nothing but a religious zealot whom has little regard for the sanctity of human life.

The first thing I would like to do is to ask you a few questions. For starters, Mr bin Laden, what are your aims and motives for all these insurgencies and bombings you have been carrying out? From what analysts and your subordinates have said so far, Al Qaeda intends to create a pan-Islamic state stretching from the Middle East all the way to the Indonesian archipelago and the Philippines. What good would this do you? Do you not realise that in those areas which you have earmarked there are a significantly larger number population of non-Muslims? Do you not begin to fathom the consequences which could arise from your dabbling in the religious spectrums of Asia? Do you TRULY believe that all the Indians, Chinese and Eurasians in these areas would just lie down and submit to the might of Muslim militancy? If you do, then you are a far more naive leader than I have imagined. These Christians, Hindus and Buddhists will not lie down and let you trample all over them. They will suscribe to a belief that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' and will unite to crush your militant brand of Islam.

Then of course there are your own moderate Muslims. People who do not believe in the destruction caused by firebrand Islam and are preaching Islam as a doctrine of peace. People who do still believe in the preservation of human life. How will you win them over? By persecuting them as an alien race of Muslims? By attempting to assimilate them into your sect through persuasion and bribery? I think not. These people form the majority of the Muslim community and will not allow you to tarnish the reputation of Islam through your acts of skull-duggery. They will cooperate with the authorities to banish your followers and ensure the line of Al Qaeda is forever buried. You are most foolish to be setting such high aims for yourself. Aims which you will never be able to fulfill.

But of course, you're starting in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aren't you? You believe that by toppling the world's richest kingdom and seizing the oil deposits you will one day control an amount of wealth more vast than your greatest enemy, The United States. You believe that a day will come when your fellow Arab brothers will join you in repelling the 'Great Satan' from your Arabian peninsula. You fervently cry out for a resistance against these American infidels when in truth, it is you who is the infidel. You undermine progress and advancement. You break hearts and spirit. You damage any affection and sympathy these common Arabs might have once possessed for you. And what of your so-called infidels? All they have done is to restore order, bring about democracy and provide training and aid for your Arab brothers. Granted, they may have had less noble intentions towards Iraq, and yet, despite everything that you have brought charges against them for, the bare cold truth is that they have brought progress to Iraq and the Arab world. What do you preach? Women being persecuted and treated as second class? Men having no access to technology as it is deemed 'evil'? Be serious. What you have done is cast your Arab brothers back into the stone age and turned away the advances of the future which have been placed at your doorstep.

What do you desire? Immediate American withdrawal? Do you not realise that the effects of that would be catastrophic? Countries would become unstable in an instant. Oil rigs would go unmanned and tonnes of oil would be left spurting to waste. Most jobs which rely on American military presence would be deemed obsolete and even more Arab youth will be left on the streets, brooding and resenting. Is an Islamic state really that utopic? If so, kindly point me to a religious theocracy which is thriving in today's world. Democracy may have its own flaws and yet, it has proven to be one of the most effective forms of government around. So tell me, where does this proof of your superiority come from? From God? I think not.

God would never condone your destroying of innocent lives which you later mask as forgivable under jihad. God would never want you to commit murder and treason all in the name of Islam. God would not agree to suicide as a justifiable means of attaining sainthood. No. It is you Mr bin Laden who have deceived these people and cheated them of life. You, who have nothing to live for but destruction and fear. You who thrives on people's insecurities and discontent. You misguided and resentful man. You are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands. Do you really think you will go to Heaven for this? I spit at you.

I appeal to your better sense of judgement to end this conflict which you began years ago. End it before they find you because I assure you, it will not be pleasant if they do. And how about this for food for thought? When you are alone, snuggled up in a cave in the mountains, do remember the cries and wails of the children whom you made orphans. They cry out to you, haunt you and plague your dreamscape. Just as you plagued theirs. Forever.

A Concerned Global Citizen

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