June 08, 2004

Only now does the prospect of me leaving for Australia hit me in full blast. When I opened my email inbox today, I found that I received an email from Monash University. They advised me to schedule my arrival for the 7th of July because the University orientation was going to start on the 8th. And so fate would have it, I am going to have to leave on the 6th of July at 8:50pm. To all those who had planned to come down on the 12th, I am so sorry but I won't hold it against you if any of you can't make it.

I cancelled my SingTel line today for reasons best left undisclosed. If any of you want to know the story behind my cancellation, do feel free to message me online or call me and I'd be delighted to share that story with you. Just not here, where prying eyes can see and judge. The main crux of my announcement would be that I have switched to a StarHub prepaid plan and have a spankin' new number. Don't bother asking me for that number because if I intended for you to have it, you'd have received an SMS today revealing my new number. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being anti-social or reclusive. It's just that this new StarHub plan has no incoming free calls and if the whole world had my number, I'd be running to the ATM to top up my card pretty often. All in all, perhaps this cancellation is a good thing. After all, I am leaving soon and will only be back during the holidays at most. Having this new prepaid plan allows me to pay as I use instead of paying a monthly flat fee for a line which I only use for one third of the year. Even better is that the change in number will allow me to totally escape any idiotic calls from camp which I may receive EVEN AFTER MY ORD DATE. Yes, don't laugh. Things like that really do happen and it is not funny. Simply put, I have served my time and don't expect to be disturbed when I am carrying on with life. So no, I am most certainly unhappy to hear a stupid NSF/Regular on the line asking me about things which I did ages ago.

Mom asked me to make a list of things I will be bringing over in my luggage and for me, that request felt so strange. It's hard to believe I have barely four weeks left in Singapore and soon I will be leaving familiar shores for unfamiliar territory. I know I've been harping on this point for the past month but how can I help it when it feels as if a bullet train is hitting me square in the jaw.

Can someone tell me why all these Marvel spin-offs are inspiring music artistes to make great songs? Spiderman had "Hero" from Chad Kroeger. Daredevil had "Bring Me Back To Life" among the many great songs on its soundtrack. And today, I heard a new song from the upcoming movie "The Punisher" titled "Broken". It's a strange trend really, and I will be following this one closely.

On a slightly happier note, Pam will be returning from Sydney in a couple of days time and soon it will be time to catch up with her at our Boon Tong Kee hangout together with the guys. That's a good thing, right? So tell me, how come the storm clouds are gathering?

"Cause I'm broken, when I'm lonesome. I don't feel right when you're gone away."

Traveller fell apart at 4:20 AM

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