May 25, 2004

Ok, on the books front I seem to have found a shop which sells what I need. ResearchBooksAsia at Novena was suggested to me by Mom and I'm just hoping and praying that it sells the books that I need.

Had my wisdom tooth operation yesterday and I must admit that it wasn't as painful as I thought that it would be. Furthermore, the staff at National Dental Centre really impressed me through their caring demeanour and careful actions. The surgeon was candid and yet professional and the nurses were really thorough in their work. I haven't been on local anaesthesia before this so it was kind of unnerving to think that while I was awake and feeling the pressure on my teeth, the surgeon was actually drilling through my gums to extract my wisdom tooth. The pain didn't set in hours later as suggested but it's kind of irritating to be eating porridge again for the second time in two months.

Was scrolling through Eugene's blog last night and I came across his post about how he was sad that our H.J nucleus was going to be broken up. Thing is, when I moved into this condominium of mine in 1990, I never imagined that I would be making friends I will remember for life. Mark was possibly the first person I met when my then-maid went over to talk to his maid. Mark was a short and cute little boy then and I remember thinking of him already as an intelligent individual from the first instance I spoke to him. Then came Eugene whom I remember was under the 'iron fist' of his father as we had to constantly cut short play sessions at the playground because he had to go home. He was never allowed out of the gate unless he asked his father and at the time, I wondered about the over-protectiveness Uncle Sam and Auntie Wee Lian showed. But I guess all parents do shower protective love over their children and it's just a matter of how they showed it. When I was twelve or thirteen, Ben moved in to our estate from his previous home in Dairy Farm. I remember Mark and myself playing at the pool when Ben came down for a swim. We decided to make him feel abit more welcome and when he helped us retrieve the soccer ball we were playing with, the conversation started and the rest, as they say, is history. Together with Terry, four of them formed the basis of fun in H.J Heights, my estate.

It's sad that we're all going to be going our separate ways in a few months. Mark got the ball rolling when he moved away two years ago to a condominium ten minutes away. Though it isn't far away, having lived a stone's throw away from my place all my life, the distance can really get to you. Terry is going for National Service in four month's time and Ben and myself will be heading to Australia for further studies. I guess in life each of us has to move on to grow up but it's friends like these that you tend not to forget. All the late night suppers, the 'talk-cock' sessions at the pool till 2am, the chalet which Ben booked and we had a ton of fun in, the drinking party we had before I enlisted for National Service etc. These are memories which stay lodged in my head no matter the amount of new friends I make. To me, these people are the ones who grew up with me, who formed my childhood and shaped my development. So I guess Eugene's fears about losing contact with one another are unfounded. I doubt that I'd ever drop contact with these pillars of support in my life.

On a more sombre note, I've booked my air ticket to Melbourne. It leaves on the 12th of July at 11:45pm on SQ237. So whomever can find it in their busy schedules to send me off, please do come down. I'd appreciate seeing each and everyone of you no matter which part of my 21-year journey I've met you at.

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