May 11, 2004

I know I'm supposed to be posting about the cons of clubbing but I'm seriously not in the mood. It's funny how when a football club you support goes down in the dumps, along with it goes your mood. For my favourite club Newcastle United, the events of the past week haven't been rosy to say the least. We lost 0-1 at Manchester City in a game we should have won, were destroyed by Didier Drogba in a UEFA Cup semi-final and the climax of it all must have been this weekend's disappointing draw against relegated Wolves. The team were boo-ed off after the match and even during their customary lap of honour, the once passionate and supportive St James' Park faithful turned on their heroes-turned-sinners. It was disconcerting to say the least, that players who had given their all through the course of this difficult season were boo-ed. It's funny how in sport, the fans can quickly turn against you even if they have just cheered you on a week ago. Reading the various Newcastle websites now, I see various rumours of star players leaving us for greener pastures and it makes me wonder whether another Leeds scenario is on the horizon. Pfft, but enough of that.

I'm all set on the path to Australia I guess. Visa's been approved, hostel place is almost done, university place is confirmed. The only thing I haven't done is to book my flight I guess. My old secondary school buddy Ding just came back from Melbourne after completing his degree and I thought it'd be best if I met up with him and found out as much about Melbourne as possible. What I got from him was that Australia was better in Singapore, in terms of lifestyle and weather. But I guess one question I never asked and doubt that he would have answered was whether he missed his friends here. I'm sure he did, without question. And it's strange to think that you'd stop missing your friends and loved ones here just because life seems abit rosier over on the other side. I have this sick feeling that I'd go there, find it better for the first year or so but as the enthrallment wears off, find myself sick of Australia. When that happens, wouldn't it be extremely miserable for me? I mean, I'd be in a foreign land with no kin or kith and slowly becoming sick of it. I seriously hope that doesn't happen.

In the meantime, even as I have overcome these physical barriers, I must now contend with emotional and mental ones.

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