May 06, 2004

He sat on the stone surface, sapping the coldness from it and absorbing every joule of energy into the depths of his soul. It was windy, no doubt. But since when were nights along the beach devoid of wind? The wind speed picked up, revealing an approaching thunderstorm. Yet that knowledge had no bearing on his decision whether to stay or go. His human instincts of self-defense had been stripped bare and tonight, it was him and the elements. And her.

Her? What was she doing here? Shouldn't she be resting by now? The pale moonlight reflected off her fair skin and seemed to illuminate her figure on this lamp-less stretch of East Coast beach. It was surreal. She, standing there, tears in her eyes and reaching out for him. She almost looked... ethereal. He found himself drawn towards her and began gingerly taking steps towards her. Could it be? All he was hoping for was a moment like this. A moment when he could confess to her the feelings he had been harbouring for the past ten years. And in that moment, they would hug and kiss and an entirely new chapter would be written in his life. But no. As he staggered over to where she had been, she began moving backwards, as if in fear or apprehension. He began questioning himself, his intentions and motives. Did he look menacing or lustful? No. The look on his face had been one of eagerness and surprise. No. This was a chance he could not afford to miss.

He began taking quicker and more confident steps towards her figure in the distance. With every step, he prepped himself for the task at hand ; the task of telling the girl he had loved for the past decade that he had been in love all this while and convincing her that he was sincere. A daunting task but one that he knew he needed to accomplish in order to calm his soul. His first attempt four years ago ended in complete failure. He had arranged to meet her in a roomy and cosy cafe that night. But she never showed. Family problems, she cited. He was doubtful. That incident shattered his confidence however, and sealed his mouth shut for the next four years. Until now. He saw where she was headed now. The jetty. Wouldn't it be more romantic there? Him holding her hands and looking into those baby brown eyes. She resting her head on his shoulders at long last. Yes. That's what it had to be. His walk began to turn into a trot when he'd heard a splash...

She was in the water!

Without thinking, he dived headlong into the water. His childhood fear of water and deep pools seemed to have no effect on his determination now. Surely, he had to save her. The love of his life. Alas, determination soon gave way to reality and he found himself rueing the missed swimming lessons in school. His muscles felt heavy and his left leg gave way to fatigue. No! Not when he had come this far. He felt himself slowly sinking, sinking into despair and misery. And just as he felt his head submerge, he caught a glimpse of that pale figure standing on the shoreline, waving to him. And suddenly, he'd heard the whisper in his ear, carried by the fast winds of the thunderstorm. "Haven't you always wanted to be with me? Now you can. Forever."

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