May 19, 2004

The books that I'm looking for to facilitate my University course seem extremely obscure. I travelled all the way down to Bras Basah Complex today, a place famed for maintaining a huge collection of books both used and brand new. When I got there, however, all I saw was a shopping centre stopped in time. The layout of the complex was what you would term a shopping mall in the 1970s. There were a couple of bookshops scattered on each floor but none contained the books I was looking for. I walked past lot after lot of closed shops and felt as if I had somehow travelled back in time due to the extremely old interior and open-air concept of the place. After walking each corridor of the four-storey complex, I gave up my search and called it a day. Until I saw a particular bookstore tucked away in the corner. I entered skeptically, due to my prior failures but was not disappointed. In there, I found ONE of the five books I was searching for. The other four continue to elude me and I must ask for your help guys. If any of you know where in Singapore, there is a bookstore selling University readings and texts, please leave a comment in the comment box below this post or in my tagboard. I am seriously getting desperate as I do not want to pay 3 times the amount for books over in Melbourne.

These are the books I am looking for.

1. Psychology (4th Ed.) by Peter Gray
2. Focus On Psychology : A Guide To Mastering Peter Gray's Psychology by M.Trahan
3. Writing For Psychology by R.P. O'Shea
4. Sociology : Exploring The Architecture Of Everyday Life (4th Ed.) by Newman
5. Sociology (4th Ed.) by Anthony Giddens <---This one I've found

This is a plea for help. If any of you know where to get these books in Singapore, please do drop me a note. Thanks alot.

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