May 12, 2004

Back to the task at hand. To prove to the world (or at least the reading audience on my blog) why clubbing is simply not worth it (well to me at least).

I've never realized it to be a long-standing trend because it was seldom seen or heard about in my younger days. Somehow, the culture of clubs and discos has weaseled itself into the youth of today and it has indirectly led to a spiralling upwards of numbers who club. So what do you do when you club? To the best of my knowledge, people go to clubs to do only a few things. And the things that these people are out to accomplish at Zouk or Centro prove my point, why clubbing is simply not worth it.

The first thing I've known people to do at clubs is to dance. Yes, dance! Don't get me wrong, I'm not against dancing but the fact that these people dance like a bunch of monkeys on ecstacy is extremely disturbing. Dances like the waltz, tango and salsa are fun and enjoyable. But on these packed dance floors, you barely have room to maneuvre and the only type of dance you manage to carry out is probably one concocted in the deepest recesses of your mind. And out of that lustful cerebral comes the 'grind'. Probably the favourite move which is carried out when songs by Ja-Rule or Jay-Z are played, the 'grind' is a dance where the guy and girl rub their genitals against each other. Other than the 'grind', there are many other ridiculous ways in which people dance and to say that they can be called a dance, is insulting the age-old tradition of dancing itself. Are we really paying money and cover charges in clubs to make ourselves look stupid? A $35 just to fool around like an imbecile. Is it really that appealing? If it is to you, I pity you.

The second thing you'd see people doing if they aren't on the dance floor is sitting by the side chilling and drinking. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against drinking alcohol. Far from it. I do enjoy a good drink myself. But the shit hits the fan when you drink way past your limit and start grabbing people and managing to accomplish the stupidest of acts you never thought you'd do. Granted, you aren't actually aware of what you're doing. But is that really an excuse? Is loping around like a moron and smiling and laughing at every insipid comment fitting of a grown young adult? You tell me. Alcohol is fine but only in moderated amounts. Those who say they are getting drunk to forget about their troubles are foolish and short-sighted. Forget your troubles? More like you're putting them away for the moment. The next morning, it'd still be the same. Your problem and of course another one, your splitting headache and hangover. That is the reason why I never frequent clubs and instead, whenever required, choose pubs instead. In a pub, you don't get the loud banging music in the background which subconsciously sends signals to your brain to lose control. I'm sure many of you don't know this but if you'd read more about how our brain works, you'd be astonished.

There are also a group of people who go to clubs merely to pick up one night stands or flings, or perhaps parade themselves in a vain attempt to feel wanted. These people have no self-worth and are the main reason why AIDS cases and STDs still exist in culturally 'conservative' Singapore. Sure one-night-stands are fun and all, but the consequences of the act are far-reaching. Going beyond STDs and HIV, there are the emotional and mental stigmas attached to it. Trust me, after screwing half the girls in the pub, you will find sex a bore and just another act equivalent to changing your underwear.

I believe there will be a day in a clubber's life when he/she wakes up to find that they have grown out of that clubbing phase. Sadly, along with that awakening will come either liver cancer due to excessive drinking, lung cancer due to excessive second-hand smoke or perhaps even an STD he/she did not expect. It is not wrong to party and to have fun but in clubs, it goes way above the limit.

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