April 11, 2004

Picture a perfect sunset. Picture the mists settling over the horizon. Picture a hue coming over the land as the sun slowly makes its way below the line of darkness. Picture a forlorn figure.

He sits there, unmoving yet thoughts fluttering. He is lost surely although this place seems so familiar. Of course. It is the first time he has been here without her. He reminisces their first meeting here ; he, the ever-optimistic college grad, she, the wide-eyed girl from the country. Their eyes locked when they caught each other's gaze and it was then, that their souls entwined. She sat there motionless yet beckoning to him unknowingly. He gingerly stepped across the platform, each tile bringing him closer to destiny. Destiny. That is a subjective word. How did he know it was destiny? Because it felt so different, so entrenched deep within his soul, so wildly exploding out of his chest. Two different yet conflicting emotions existing in perfect harmony? This must be love.

Theirs had been a wonderful tale of fulfillment and satisfaction. Satisfaction? In knowing that they were destined to be together. In knowing that without each other they would perish. Yes. The notion of death did not seem to faze them. It always did but not so now. Meetings in school would be chanced. Rendezvous outside of school were always planned. And each time they met, it felt as if the world around them ceased to exist. Nothing else mattered. Except you. You.

And then it happened. He had lied to her, cheated on her. She walked out on him not out of anger but in hopes that he would repent. He walked out on her not out of lust for another but in his own pride he dwelled, refusing to apologise or seemingly repent. Yet in his heart he did. The day came when he decided he would rather risk his pride than losing her forever. And when he did, he found her... in the arms of another. Shock and devastation took over. He stumbled as he tried to walk away from the scene which had crushed his heart. His whole world had crumbled around him and there was nothing anybody could do to mend it. He lumbered aimlessly around town, finally arriving where they had first met. The Bridge. He peeked his head over the railing and contemplated taking his life. No. The memories came rushing back as he gritted his teeth and screamed in agony. Without her, his life was pointless. His friends had consoled him by saying there were many other fish in the ocean. But they all would not do. Only she would. And now, his only soulmate had left him. His life seemed worthless, meaningless. But no, taking his life would be taking away part of hers too for he knew that they were soulmates for life whether they were together or not. He refused to partake in his personal grief and instead stumbled away in a daze.

He died. Yes, even as Death comes to all Man. He did not out of old age or disease, but rather through a condition diagnosed only as heartbreak. Yes, it may seem ridiculous to you or even funny. But nevertheless, his life did end that night. Cold. Alone. In his bed. At the funeral, a black car pulled up and there she appeared. The love of his life. And yes, she cried. She wept. She teared. For she knew that part of her was in that casket. Part of her had died with him. Why had she left him? After all, her cousin had only advised her that afternoon to forgive him. It was all too late. Too late.

Later that evening, as she lay in blankets of loneliness and sorrow, she could feel a soft touch on her shoulders. Cajoling her to sleep. Whispering in her ear. It was he. He had come to bid her farewell and to tuck her into bed. One final time.

Traveller fell apart at 7:31 PM

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