March 30, 2004

How are spirituality and religion defined? Does the entire concept of God-Man-Satan actually exist or is it merely a figment of imagination? Whatever doubts I've had about this entire concept of a larger agenda in our Universe have been firmly dispelled after the events of the last two weeks. I came to know of a book titled "The Devil's Apocrypha" from AcmaBooks.Com and found myself mysteriously drawn to its contents. Without much hesitation, I placed an order for the book and began to read in fervor after it arrived. The contents shocked me to say the least. God living on human religious fervor? The Trinity creating humanity solely for the purpose of survival? Jesus being influenced more than we thought by those thirty nine days with the Devil in the wilderness? And for a moment it did make sense. How else would you explain a sudden change in doctrine from the Old Testament, which described God's laws and wrath, to the New Testament, which put an onus on Jesus' doctrine of love and peace. It seemed so unreal and when the book explained that it was The Devil who had a say in Jesus sudden change in direction, for a moment it made perfect sense.

In my zeal and drive at this new found knowledge, I began recommending the book to everyone I knew. Many of them took to this news with seeming apathy or ignorance and only Mark and Ben professed an interest in borrowing the book from me. When it came to Eugene, however, he was adamant that I not lend him the book. It intrigued me. Why had he so vividly rejected this knowledge without reading it? The answer was simple. Just days prior to my entrance, he had experienced a miracle in his family. His cousin was down with liver failure and owing to intense prayer and divine intervention, she had made a dramatic recovery. Surprising what God can do to restore your faith if he chooses to.

So where's my shot at restoration? I can only guess. One thing I know is for sure, there must be some divine battle going on out there which I can't see because everything points to it.

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