March 19, 2004

The false dawn. The calm before the storm. Those must be the allegories to describe the situation I find myself in. My previous post talked about things at camp calming down and becoming much better. So wrong. I was so wrong. Yesterday, the new management made clear their stand on welfare, for me at least. I am now being forced to report for range duty and as a result, will be staying in camp for three out of six days. So this is it. The start of hell week. Duty on Sunday, Stay in camp on Tuesday night, range duty on Wednesday till late, duty on Thursday, Medical Appointment at 8am on Friday. Wonderful. To say that I am currently on a low would be a major understatement. What I can't understand is the onus of Alvin Say. Whether bastard or blessing, it would be too early to say. All I can speculate however, based on his current treatment of ORD personnel is that he is vindictive and callous with 'arrows'. My only reprieve from this horrid situation is perhaps that I will be officially gone from 1st Transport Battalion from mid-April. I pray only that I possess enough mental and inner strength to take the nonsense that is sure to compound itself in the weeks to come.

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