March 25, 2004

Currently in the middle of my mentioned "Hell Week", I find myself lacking in energy or enthusiasm to continue this long march towards Saturday. Tomorrow, I will be on duty and concurrently, there will be a Change Of Command Rehearsal Parade. Guess what that means? Yes. More shit, more arrows flying across the drawing board, more of everything but off. Today's range was a horrid experience to say the least. Emptying sandbags, dumping rubbish in a refuse point like one of those Bangladeshi workers certainly brought me to my most humble state. Only now, at 12:45am can I find time to pen an entry in here after arriving home at 12 midnight, unpacking, showering and cleaning up. I can only pray tomorrow's duty will be less hard on me although that would be a tall order.

Oh well, enough with the whining. Bring on the rest of Hell Week.

P.S. I do regret posting such a short entry this time round but I do need my siesta you know.

Traveller fell apart at 3:41 AM

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