January 07, 2004

The return to camp has been nothing short of dreary. Hell, what do you expect after a month long hiatus? I arrived in camp on Friday morning to the chorus of a platoon of new trainees echoing their 'left-right-left' chant as they marched uniformly towards their building. And that was it. I was back to hell once again. Grey walls and stuck-up officers 'serenaded' me as I trudged reluctantly up the slope towards HQ building. And in my mind, a series of questions kept replaying again and again.

While in the office, I read more news about the implentation of National Service by Malaysians. It seems to me that either the Malaysians are daft or they are really worried about security. In no way will a draft encourage voter count and I sincerely hope UMNO realizes this. If they don't, I fear for the future of our neighbour. The amusing thing about it all was the apparent inability of one of their Ministers to understand the apprehension of many Malaysian youngsters as news broke out. No, you stupid fool. No one wants to serve in the army despite it being a 'pride and joy' and 'honour to serve'. You'd have thought that having made it into the Cabinet this guy would have more sense, but his comments reveal otherwise.

Which brings me to a conclusion. An obvious yet seldom said one. Politicians aren't that smart after all. Well, at least not the ones across the Causeway. Don't believe me? Look at their champion of "justice", Dr M.

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