January 29, 2004

Rain. It's often considered a dreary thing that no one appreciates. The past few days islandwide have been wet to say the least. No single centimeter of soil has been left untouched by the falling rain and neither have the hordes of NSFs making their way home from camp. Me included. Was standing at the bus stop two days ago when I overheard a conversation between two 'hokkien pengs'. For those of you who did not get that, I was referring to the class of people in Singapore who speak hokkien as a first language and Chinese as a second. Anyway, I digress. They were complaining and cursing with every known vulgarity (to me at least) about the rain and how it was spoiling their plans for the night. Not very exciting or legal plans I might add.

The point is, I see rain in a different light. Well, for one, we have been facing sunny and hot days for the past 3 months and a rainy day was a welcome change of pace. Also, I see rain as a refreshing shower for the soul. It was something I needed after the past few tumultuous weeks. Won't elaborate too much on that but somehow, on the way back from Stephanie's house tonight, I chose to walk in the rain. It's as if you liberate yourself and allow something inside to be 'cleansed'.

But what if something deep down could never be cleansed? What if there were overriding concerns and scars had already been forever left?

Rhetorical, I know.

"When it rains, it pours and opens doors and floods the floors we thought would always keep us safe and dry."

Traveller fell apart at 2:56 AM

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