January 21, 2004

Chinese New Year is upon us. Ok, ok, I make it sound like it's a really detestable thing when it's not. Red packets and food litter the streets and light up the worlds of many children and young adults as they go on a annual visiting run. Chinese New Year this year will be a quieter affair for me, though, due to the fact that one side of my family is overseas and the other isn't exactly the biggest. Perhaps that means smaller amounts of red packets collected and had this been 5 years ago, I'd have brought the roof down with my bitter grumbling. Nowadays, I'm more content to have my peace and quiet. Yes, that includes forfeiting sums of money as a sacrifice.

Finally found the Band Of Brothers VCD lying around in a musky old shop in Woodlands. Wasn't that keen on making a trip downtown just to get it anyway so it's just as well that I find the VCD on my way home from camp. As I viewed the scenes of anxiety and horror in World War II, I now realize why all men who have been through a war never want to revisit it again. War is the most horrible thing and yet, few actually seem to realize this in today's world. All day long in today's papers, we hear threats of belligerence from a stronger country to a weaker one. And all in the name of what? Pure flexing of power? A show of muscle for a thousand widows and a single speech for tens of thousands of orphans? The odds are great but they still seem not to deter world leaders. Weird if you ask me.

My cousin, Leonard finally re-established ICQ contact with me after I missed his farewell party on his departure to the UK for further studies. We were just chatting away when something he said struck me. "Everything you do in these last days will seem so terminal, so pointless." He was right and what he said hit that spot. Sadly. A tinge of regret fills my heart everytime I think of where I will be in 5 months time and yet, I know this is what I'm supposed to do. Like the men who were sent from the farms of Georgia and Alabama to the frontlines of Normandy and Holland, I must steel myself for the coming test.

"Every man has got to prepare himself within for the shock that is to come. That is imperative. Without doing so, he'd fail to adapt and fail to survive."

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