January 28, 2004

As I type this post, I am sitting on a chair that is obviously too short for me to reach the table and it is with great difficulty that I am hammering away at the keyboard. Perhaps this is a good thing because had I been in a more comfortable position, the contents of this post would be far less comforting to the eyes. Excuse the excessive use of vulgarities I am about to use. I am seriously so tired and overcome by anger.

I arrived in camp today to take over duties from the previous day's Company Orderly Sergeant and was hoping to take it 'easy' today as I was going to be on duty tonight. When I called up my colleague and found that he was on MC, a burst of indignance spilled out of my guts, threatening to leave me in a frenzy and screaming at him over the phone. You see, this is not the first time he has taken MC and the bugger even tries to pretend that he is sick by coughing into the phone. I mean, hey, if you want to fake an MC fine but don't even try to con me into thinking you are actually sick. That just makes me so SICK, you know? To make matters worse, DY called me and asked me to attend to certain matters which I had absolutely no idea about, matters that he was attending to. The bugger didn't even bother to call and inform me that there were such problems. So, ok, fine, maybe it was just an unlucky day for me and perhaps he was really sick (yeah right).

Later in the day, I called Fadhil to inquire about the 'offs' he was promising me from LTA Law. When he picked up the phone, a sarcastic and demanding tone met me. He wanted to know why 'all of a sudden are you calling me and asking me about all these? I have no time!" I mean, hey, this fella is one of my best friends in camp and he is treating me like this after being attached to LTA Law? I am seriously beginning to doubt in the viability of true friendship. So there it was, my day was dampened. But apparently not enough for their liking.

While issuing arms to the guards in the afternoon, a surprise met me when Jith and Reza turned up at the armskote. Apparently, Jith had changed duties and Reza had been called up on reserve today. They began telling me about how they were going to turn me out in the night and ensure that I would not have a good night's rest. To compound my misery, I found out the Battalion Orderly Sergeant had changed to this fucker called 1SG Suren.

Which brings me to my point. Why in the world is everybody trying to make my life miserable? What exactly is their fucking problem? I just want to ORD in peace like everyone else but it seems that these people are not going to let me. Either way, I am going to either ORD in peace or ORD with a shit load of ruckus and believe me, I will ensure the total failure of the next Logistics Readiness Inspection. To all these assholes who are trying to make my life miserable, I say 'fuck you' and get a life man.

And as I said to Reza today, "every action has its own consequences. Be ready for the outcome of what you do."

And when I say it, I usually mean it. Usually.

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