March 31, 2008

Invisible Wall

The wall, the wall, it seals itself
Clamming up all Hope, Closing up all Fate
Glances exchanged, confessions made
Yet still, all is but a melancholy arcade.

Will we see the end thus far?
Pray tell, pray tell
For uncertainty and darkness cloud
Even Light which invades only blinds
Seek and ye shall find, seek and ye shall find?

Things to be said, whispered fables in ears
All but facades of what might be, never to be materialised
Afforded care and special treatments
Are but special in the eye of the beholder.

Oh what despondency, this wall.
This invisible wall, which destroys our Hopes and Fate.
This invisible wall, which crushes all Dreams.
This invisible wall, which is but artificially made.


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November 15, 2007


Time is a commodity which we always seem to take for granted. How many times have we, as humans, complained that time flies? It certainly seems so again this year, because in a matter of hours I will be leaving Melbourne for the summer for the fourth and final time in my undergraduate life.

Reflection is a trait which we often seem to miss especially in the midst of hectic schedules and on-the-go lifestyles. And as much as I would like to reflect on 2007 that's just gone by, I am overwhelmed by the Providence of God which has been manifested to me through this year. Not only have I grown spiritually and in maturity over the year, God has imbued in me a new-found sense of confidence and charisma which I will take home with me to the internship. It's strange to think that circumstances in life shape us, mould us into the people we will turn out to be and yet we seek to control the circumstances which arrive at our doorstep. I am grateful to God for the year of opportunities and favour and I am astounded at the power of Faith and Prayer in the accomplishment of the impossible.

Even as I depart Melbourne on SQ228 tomorrow, I refuse to let this spiritual high go on a hiatus like all the previous summers have turned out. Somehow in Singapore, there is this general sense of spiritual dryness which engulfs me the moment I'm home. Whether it be because of the creature comforts of home, or the hostile spiritual climate, I am determined not to let the year in Melbourne go to waste. Because if all we hold dear is a part of us we're willing to let go of in adversity, then it speaks volumes about our character when it comes to the crunch.

I need prayer, I need a stable church to attend. And in Thee will I trust.

"Sola Fide."

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